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We live in a world of constant stress. Stress from work, stress from home, stress over finances, stress over relationships, and many others. All of this stress contributes to overeating, smoking, drug and alcohol abuse, road rage, physical disease, sexual dysfunction, and a myriad of other psychological ills. It is a sign of the times and a very unfortunate attribute of modern life.

Dr. Frank G. Sommers has the solution, a powerful prescription that has been field-tested for over 35 years in his practice as a renowned psychiatrist and therapist. This stress relief protocol comprises 5 Easy Steps that can be performed within a few minutes several times a day.

Our mobile app guides you through the 5 Easy Steps on a daily schedule (at least 3 times a day is recommended). The key to success is mindfully following the procedure so that it will effectively retrain your brain and nervous system. This is unlike any other stress management app in the App Store, most of which just play soothing music or sounds, display videos, or offer trite aphorisms.

Special features include a reminders scheduler, which allows you to schedule up to 4 daily notifications. There is also an Image Manager that lets you add or delete photos which are used as soothing imagery to aid you in the relaxation protocol.

An additional benefit of Dr. Frank Sommers’ Stress Relief in 5 Easy Steps is its application to weight management. There are many reasons for overeating, and daily stress is among the most prominent, though not always recognized. For Weight Management, please go to the website:

About the Author

Dr. Frank Sommers is a psychiatrist, author, and filmmaker. A former member of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto, he is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, and Honourary and Founding President of Physicians for Global Survival.


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